Oct 17, 2010


Here is one on my favorite assignments of the course

And I'm including some scenes from my final demo too

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  1. hello....saw your drawings and they are amazing. the scribbles did reminded me of GLEN KEANS style. and you animation skills are pretty fine too. i think you have good knowledge in body mechanics and all your shorts who be much better only if you can add performance to it. like in a shot where this old lady is tying her apron. first of all i want to say that it good . no doubt about it. but you could have made it better if you had done that yourself and know what one really does while tying an apron. like one generally tend to look back over the shoulder and see. so subtle things like this we experience. the trouble shes facing tying those knots would add some entertainment coz she s fat and old. then she keeps her hat.besically i am trying to say that i can see two actions 1 tying apron 2 keeping hat . what i wud have liked to see is an old lady preparing herself to do something. ahh maybe i said enough. by the time u ll read this i know you wud have learned enough to teach me :-)..happy animating